Urology Telemedicine Solutions for Hospitals and Health Care Professionals

  • On call urology services available for your in-house hospital staff
  • Tele-urology clinics for hospitals and their communities

Our Clients: Hospitals & communities in need of Urology care

  • With our aging demographic, capable urologic experts have become increasingly more difficult to find 
  • There are times your hospital's in-patients will require urologic care
  • Hospitalists, ER doctors, nurses and mid-level practitioners can greatly benefit from urology consultation
  • Without access to urology, hospital transfers remain an unfortunate necessity 
  • Communities and local practitioners benefit from local medical experts
  • Patients without local access to a urologist often need to leave the area to seek out proper medical care

Urology Services we provide

TeleUrology On call Services

We provide tele-urology on call services by our board-certified Urologists available 24/7 to your In-House staff (Hospitalists, ER docs, mid-levels, and nurses).  For our clients, our experts are available for on-demand advice and tele-medicine consultation. 

Tele-Urology Clinic

We offer weekly or biweekly teleurology clinics. 

You can rely on our board-certified urologists to serve your community's needs by providing your patients and local practitioner's with capable and consistent tele-urology clinic services.


Benefits of adding urology on-call services to your hospital

Patient retention

Many in-house patients suffering a urologic problem can safely avoid being transferred to distant facilities, taking them away from family, and their community.  Our board-certified urologists can help manage their care, decreasing unnecessary transfers, all while working closely with your capable hospitalist and ER docs.

Improved patient outcomes

It's no secret,  medical experts improve patient outcome.  Our capable specialists are at hand 24/7 helping guide your patients care.  And with improved outcomes, comes the decreased risk of adverse publicity and litigation.  

Hospital Staff Support

Whether it's providing carefully crafted advice to your highly skilled hospitalists, or helping guide your nursing staff through tough urologic situations, our experts will allow your in-house staff to feel fully supported with whatever the clinical situation.

Benefits of adding a tele-urology clinic

Filling a Community Need

Every community needs urologic care, and with today's aging demographic, that fact has never been so pressing.  Provide your community with that much needed service.

Supporting Local Practitioners

Your local practitioners will appreciate the support of a locally involved urologist, and appreciate that their patients can stay locally for their urologic care.

Increasing Ancillary Services

When patients stay local,  they get their testing and imaging studies locally, benefitting the community hospital and economy.

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Our goal is to help in any way we can.  We are available for video chat, phone call or text.

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